Week 16 TimeRank update

I have just rolled out a new version of the software to our server. The following improvements have been made since the previous release on April 15:

  • The TimeRank planner now takes into account project importance when scheduling tasks. This means that tasks belonging to projects that you’ve sorted high in the list (by dragging and dropping on the Projects & Tasks screen) will now be scheduled as early as possible. More simply put: the planner makes sure you get around to things that are important to you, and not only things that are urgent. We’re still workin on this algorithm, so let us know what you think!
  • The planner screen has been improved: The controls can be hidden, and the calendar fills the maximum width of your browser until you activate the task detail screen by clicking on a scheduled block of time. This can be hidden again, at which point the calendar will fill the width again.
  • Google Calendar authorization handling has been made more robust.
  • On the tasks and planner screens, the task detail view also shows a clickable link to the project to which the task belongs.
  • WorkUnit duration can now be easily edited also on the Projects & Tasks screen.
  • Fixed a bug where editing task or project fields could break if you navigated to another project mid-edit.

Thanks for all your feedback so far. Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming!