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The Pomodoro Technique is a simple approach that helps you to maximise your work output by working in 25 minute focus blocks, each followed by 5 minutes of rest. You can also read more about this technique in our blog post Why am I not in a pomodoro?.

In the TimeScapers system we have opted to call these Work Units. On the Work Screen, start a Work Unit by clicking on the Start the WU button. A timer will now count down from 25 minutes. During this time, do your best to focus only on that one activity. When the bell rings (preferable) or when you need to stop for any other reason (try not to), click on End this WU. The system will now allow you to add a description of the work you performed and optionally to assign this work unit to a project or a task. A new break timer will count down from 5 minutes before allowing you to start a new WU. Take this time to do something completely different.

Besides boosting your productivity, the way we’ve implemented WUs in our system helps you to keep track of the effective work time that you spend. At any point in time, you can see exactly how much time you spend on a project or a specific task and also when you spent this time. In addition, trying to beat your own WUs per day record is loads of fun.

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