Tasks Screen

The tasks screen shows you a list of your backlogged, upcoming, untimed and completed tasks. This functionality will soon be revamped to offer different kinds of filtering and ordering.

Each row represents a single task. Clicking on a row with a task brings up the task details on the right-hand side of the screen. Clicking directly on a project title directs you away from the now screen and brings you to the respective project.

In the task lists, the first two numbers indicate the work units registered for this task. A number in green indicates the amount of completed work units. A number in red indicates the amount of work units left for completion, based on the estimated time.


These are the tasks that have a due date in the past. They are ordered such that the recently passed due dates are lower in the list.


These are the tasks that have a due date in the past.


Some tasks do not have a due date specified. This overview presents you with a selection of those tasks.


To give you some feedback on what you have achieved, a list of recently completed tasks is shown. This might also be helpful to inspect those tasks that you accidentally “completed”.

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