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TimeRank? TimeScapers? What?

In 2011 and 2012 Gerwin de Haan and Charl Botha (that’s us!) set out to test an idea they had:

Would it be possible to take all of your tasks and your calendars, and then automatically schedule those tasks around one’s appointments according to priorities and deadlines?

In short, we wanted an automatic system that could tell us at any given point in time what the best thing was to take on next.

We had to build a web-based task (todo) system first, which we did in a few months (we had day jobs also!), and then we implemented the computational core that was able to solve this constraint system. TimeRank was what we called both the system (read the manual! screenshot1 screenshot2 and notice the deeply integrated pomodoro-like WorkUnits) as well as the technique for the automatic scheduling of work. TimeScapers was the name of the company we formed.

Technically, the idea worked. Based on live Google Calendar data, and all of one’s tasks and time estimates (based on WorkUnits / pomodoros), TimeRank was able to generate, at the drop of a hat, a complete 3 month calendar, fitting in all tasks around all calendar appointments, hitting all deadlines and taking into account priorities.

Pretty cool right?

We ended up with an interesting technology prototype, about 30 beta users, but no real business plan or business mojo. Also, although the beta testers we chatted with also found the idea of an automatic scheduler intriguing, there were no real champions. Furthermore, at that point both of our day careers had taken wildly different and exciting turns, so on June 5, 2013 we decided to put TimeRank and TimeScapers in the freezer.

We still think the idea is interesting. :)

Tweet us (@gerwindehaan or @cpbotha) or email us if you’d like to chat about this or anything else!

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TimeScapers is a company that designs and markets a next-generation personalized time-management approach and integrated web-based software service. Our product distinguishes itself through personalized analytics, on-site integration with your existing business processes and the accompanying human-friendly training.

Executive summary

In the information age, we seem to have everything under control, except for arguably our most valuable asset: Time. We are all inundated with a complex multitude of matters that clamor for our attention and our time. The less time we have, the more stressed we get. Current time management solutions attempt to break down your whole time landscape into lists. However, they fail to take the important final step from these lists to the person trying to use them.

To bridge this gap, TimeScapers provides a next-generation personalized time-management approach and integrated web-based software service. By offering on-site training and installation we aim at optimal integration with existing business processes and workflow. Our software offers a balanced set of productivity tools and personalized analytics that empower users in understanding and focusing on their personal productivity, gaining insight into their day-to-day work rhythm and taking back control over time.

TimeScapers was founded in early Spring 2011, and started its first closed beta in November of 2011. The company is based in Delft, The Netherlands.

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